News & Updates

If you'd like to keep up with my sketches/WIPs/etc. check out my sketchblog on tumblr.

Wondercon 2014

Con season is upon us! I'll be at the Wondercon Artist Alley with prints, buttons, and will do sketch commissions. Stop by table AA-019.

Convention schedule 2014

- BigWow Comicfest
- Anime Expo
- SacAnime Summer
- Comikaze
(A few more conventions pending. I will update the list if I get confirmation.)

Hello! Is it me you’re looking for? I’m Irene and I’m a Virgo. I do not enjoy long walks on the beach, but I do like fine dining. Growing up in the Philippines, I was heavily influenced by Japanese animation and American comic books. I currently reside in San Luis Obispo, CA and have worked for Tokyopop, Impact Books, Marvel, and DC Comics. I am available for projects and children’s workshops.